Why Use DPR?

24 Hour Service

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can easily handle any amount of snow or property size. Safety is our top priority, we ensure that our customers' commercial properties are safe and cleared of snow in a timely fashion.

Snow Shovelling

We’ll remove every inch of snow from your commercial property. Our crew will make sure snow is cleared properly in order to provide safe walkways from entrances, sidewalks and all of those hard to reach spots.


Patches of ice can be very dangerous and any remaining ice will be treated with appropriate de-icing agents (such as salt, sand and brine) leaving no damage to your commercial property, and ensuring a safe experience for everyone.


Our contracts include salting applications after each snow plow to ensure safe driving and walking conditions, and to reduce impending snow accumulation.

The DPR Promise

We will keep your commercial parking lots, driveways and sidewalks stay clear and free of snow and ice this winter, allowing everyone safe and easy access to your business.


Our contracts run from November to April and our crew is available around the clock. Get peace of mind knowing that when a snowfall occurs, the DPR team will always be there for you!

We Service all

We are fully equipped to handle properties of all shapes and sizes like commercial plazas, buildings, condos, retail stores, malls, and other large scale properties.

No Business

We are well known for our reliable and professional snow plowing and snow removal services, ensuring no downtime for your business, even during intense winter storms.

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