Retaining Walls

Precast Retaining Walls

Precast Retaining walls refer to walls constructed using concrete blocks and coping


Precast Retaining Walls can serve a variety of purposes. Precast walls area a great way to add dimension to your landscape project. They can be used to build tiered garden beds, or raised patios on sloped backyards.


Precast retaining walls are great because there is a huge selection of blocks that range in shape, size and colour. Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional look, there will always be an option that suits your vision.


No matter the size of the retaining wall you need, DPR Landscapes will make sure it is built right. Precast retaining walls can be structurally enginnered to withstand the forces acting upon them. DPR Landscapes uses specific consitruction methods to ensure your wall is built to last.

Armour stone Retaining walls

Armour stone retaining walls are a cost efficient option to add dimension and aesthetics to your landscaping project. Armour stone used for retaining walls is referred to as "guillotined" meaning it is sawn on both ends to ensure a tight fit. These stones are generally 2'-4' long and 12" to 16" wide.


Armour stone retaining walls are a great option for dealing with major grade changes on a property. They also perfect for building garden walls and adding accents to your outdoor space.


Being a natural product, armour stone walls offer a traditional, outdoorsy feel to your space. Armour stone is available in a number of brown and grey tones to match the rest of your landscape project.


Although engineered drawings are not available when using natural armour stone, DPR Landscapes uses the same construction methods to ensure the wall does not fail.

Why do retaining walls fail?

Improper Drainage

DPR ensures that all retaining walls have a perforated O-pipe installed behind them in order to reduce the hydrostatic pressure acting on the wall. The water will either be directed away from the wall, or through it, by installing a drain 

Improper Building techniques

When building a retaining wall, you must ensure the foundation is solid. DPR Landscapes fills and compacts 10″ of clear stone gravel to ensure the foundation is stable. We also always bury the first course of the wall below grade to increase its strength. We also make sure to stagger each course of the wall. Depending on the size of the wall, DPR Landscapes will install a geogrid system between two courses to provide lateral strength. This is equivelent to installing a “tieback”. On these larger, structural retaining walls, each course will be slightly set back from the previous one, providing more strength against the earth behind it 

Using improper materials for the application

Depneding on the size of the retaining wall, or the weight of the material that the wall is retaining, certain specific products must be used. Some precast wall products are not rated to be structural, and should not be used to build beyond certain heights. DPR Landscapes has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in selecting a wall material that suits your style and functions properly.

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