Lighting and Features

DPR Landscapes offers the installation of numerous landscape features. These include fire features, water features and landscape lighting.

Water Features

Water features are a great way to add soothing, ambient noise to your space. Some examples include:

  • Natural and Decorative Bubbler Rocks
  • Poolside Waterfalls and Weirs

Fire Features

Fire features add functionality and a focal point to your space. Everyone loves gathering around a warm fire during and evening gathering. Here are a few examples of fire features:

  • Woodburning Firepits
  • Natural Gas/Propane Fire Tables

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting allows you to highlight important areas around your space. They are great for safely lighting up stairs, or illuminating your garden and mature trees. Either way, they offer you the ability to get more out of your yard at any hour of the day. Some examples of landscape lighting include:

  • Step Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Walkway Lighting
  • Fence Lighting