Composite Decks

ENjoy your DEck Thats built to last.

Composite decks are a great option for any outdoor space. There are a variety of colours that can suit any style, modern or traditional.
Composite decks offer excellent durability, and need very little maintenence, which means you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying!
Learn more below about our process and what we do differently that ensures our projects stand out.

The DPR way

HIdden Fasteners

DPR always uses hidden fasteners on our composite decks. When we do need to face-screw, we countersink the screws and use colour and texture matched plugs to hide them as well.

NO Butt-joints

DPR only installs full length boards on their decking projects. We always install "picture frame" borders to limit the number of visible cut boards. These are the best practices to ensure our decks have a seamless appearance.

joist tape

In order for the framing to last as long as the composite boards, we install a joist tape on all critical framing. This tape self-seals when the decking is screwed down, which creates a waterproof barrier that prevents the framing from rotting over time.

Underside waterproofing

DPR Landscapes has the skills and experience to waterproof the underside of your deck. If you have a second story deck and would like to keep the underside dry, check out Trex Rain Escape.

DEckorators decking

DPR Highly recommends decorators decking for their composite decking projects. Check out the link below for some inspiration

Industry Leading warranty

DPR Landscapes offers a n industry leading warranty, so we love installing a product that does the same. Deckorators offers a 50 year structural warrant, and a 25 year stain and scratch warranty.

SCratch and stain resistant

The mineral based composite board is capped with a polymer stock that doesnt absord liquids and is UV resistant. These issues are covered under warranty as well.

Virtually no expansion or contraction

Deckorator's decking is made up of mineral based composite rather than the traditional wood and plastic composite. This material is superior when it comes to thermal expansion and contraction

Large variety of fascia and decking material

Deckorators offers a wide range of colours to suit any preference. They also offer 5.5" and 3.5" deck boards, depending on your style. Additionally, they carry fascia products in all colours, so we can skirt our decks easily and seamlessly.

DPR Builds DEcks RIght.

DPR ensures that all decks they constructs are Ontario Building Code Compliant . If your deck requires permits, we are here to help you through that process.

Footing                Depth

All footings will be poured 48″ below grade unless specified by and engineer. We also may decide helical piles are a more suitable option for your project.

Beam/Joist Spans

Typically we construct most of our decks using 2×8″ joists and a triple 2×8″ beam. However, depending on the size of the deck we can design a framing plan that satisfies the Ontario Building Code

Railing BLocking 

We always provide at least 5″ of blocking underneath railing posts. This ensures a safe and stable railing.  

Strair                  Treads

DPR will ensure that all stair treads are built to the Ontario Building Code specifications. All treads will be constructed consistently, with safety in mind.
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