Wood Decks

Looking for a more traditional decking option? Cedar, pressure treated lumber and Ipe are all great decking options that can provide a more natural appearance to your outdoor space.

WOod DEcking Options:

Pressure-treated Lumber
Pressure treat lumber is the most cost effective decking option. This decking is treated with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA), which is a wood preservative that also protects against fungal decay and insects. DPR predominantly installs MicroPro Sienna treated lumber, which offers a limited lifetime warranty for first installers. click the link below to learn more.
Cedar Decking 
The most commonly installed cedar decking in this area is Western Red cedar. it is naturally resistant to rotting and insects, and it looks and smells beautiful. It is less expensive than IPe, but more expensive than Pressure treated lumber 
Ipe Decking 
Ipe decking is a tropical hardwood that is know for its durability and naturally colourful tones. Ipe is the most expensive wood decking option, but for good reason. when properly maintained,  Ipe decking can last for 50 years. It does not split or splinter easily, naturally resists rotting and insects, and is easily washable. click the link below to learn mmore

The DPR way

HIdden Fasteners

DPR always uses hidden fasteners on our wood decking. When we do need to face-screw, we use low profile screws to reduce the visibility of these screws

NO Butt-joints

DPR only installs full length boards on their decking projects. We always install "picture frame" borders to limit the number of visible cut boards. These are the best practices to ensure our decks have a seamless appearance.

joist tape

In order for the framing to last as long as the composite boards, we install a joist tape on all critical framing. This tape self-seals when the decking is screwed down, which creates a waterproof barrier that prevents the framing from rotting over time.

Cut End Sealing

When working with pressure treated decking, it is important to seal any cuts that are made. During manufacturing, the wood preservative does not sink all the way through the decking, so cutting the decking leaves the ends susceptible to rot and insects.

DPR Builds DEcks RIght.

DPR ensures that all decks they constructs are Ontario Building Code Compliant . If your deck requires permits, we are here to help you through that process.

Footing                Depth

All footings will be poured 48″ below grade unless specified by and engineer. We also may decide helical piles are a more suitable option for your project.

Beam/Joist Spans

Typically we construct most of our decks using 2×8″ joists and a triple 2×8″ beam. However, depending on the size of the deck we can design a framing plan that satisfies the Ontario Building Code

Railing BLocking 

We always provide at least 5″ of blocking underneath railing posts. This ensures a safe and stable railing.  

Strair                  Treads

DPR will ensure that all stair treads are built to the Ontario Building Code specifications. All treads will be constructed consistently, with safety in mind.
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