What Questions to Ask a Lawyer about Separation

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In general, you are entitled to a “fair and equitable” result. This is what separation and divorce agreements must comply with Australian law. Can you expect the call to be called back the same day, the next morning or in two weeks? Does the lawyer have some sort of system in place to ensure that questions are answered? Think about how your finances are structured and how you will pay the cost of living, especially if you don`t have the income to do it yourself. While your lawyer can help you access funds through spousal support or other temporary financial support, it probably won`t happen overnight, in which case you`ll need to have a plan in place to make sure you get your immediate living expenses like rent. groceries, gasoline and bills. We have focused the guide on questions concerning your case. We did not go into the lawyer`s background. We have assumed that you have done enough due diligence to ensure you meet with an experienced divorce lawyer. 3. Are you a licensed family lawyer? You may have reason to apply to the court for an order to remove your spouse from the family residence. If you want to do this, you should ask the lawyer if you have the right basis to make such a request to the court. The lawyer should then ask questions to determine whether you have the factual and legal basis to do so on an emergency or non-urgent basis.

So while no breakup is easy, it`s helpful to stop and think so that it doesn`t affect you negatively. If you can try to stay sensitive to the situation, then a satisfactory solution for everyone involved can often be found more quickly. In addition, you can increase the chances that the case will not go to court. What percentage of your cases will be resolved at the end? This question does two things. First, it gives you an idea of whether your lawyer is the one who regulates everything, regulates nothing, or somewhere in between. It will also help you get an idea of how your lawyer handles their organized and systematic business process. Does he have this data? Do you think it is important for a lawyer to have the data that tells him what percentage of cases will be settled or not? Many lawyers will tell you that they will not waste your money if they go to mediation and it is clear that the parties are very far apart. While this is a good strategy, what about the lawyer who sees something positive about bringing the parties together and trying to resolve minor or temporary issues if the ability to negotiate a full settlement is not there? If we can`t agree on everything in mediation, can we still use mediation productively? The cost of separation depends on many factors, including: Experienced divorce lawyers will have no trouble answering your questions. Experienced divorce lawyers should rarely not know the law.

The best divorce lawyers will even show you the law in our codes. You will talk to your spouse about the divorce. However, talking to your spouse about divorce doesn`t mean you`re talking to your spouse about what your lawyer told you and/or what you told your lawyer. The best chance of getting a desirable outcome after a breakup is knowing from the beginning what steps you need to take to gather documents and make a decision about where you will live. By talking to a lawyer in the early stages before the breakup and informing yourself early, you can save yourself from common mistakes that cause unnecessary stress and tension throughout the separation process. When you go to court, there are no strict rules on what you can get in case of a breakup. My spouse and I have an agreement. Can you just design that for us and help us go through the process with the judge? This is an honest and frequent question. However, look for a lawyer who wants to encourage you to allow them to analyze the transaction and make recommendations before creating the deal. Remember that your lawyer is also a consultant and consultant.

He or she can help you understand whether the deal is a good deal – or not. Even if you have negative feelings about your spouse, it`s better to try to solve these problems on your own than to fight them. Your lawyer will strive to help you reach a fair settlement and protect your interests as you work to move your life forward after your divorce. We believe it is dishonest and potentially unethical for a lawyer to have a review and testimony on a website that does not come from a real client, a former client or someone who has actually consulted the lawyer about their family law case, unless the lawyer actually discloses that fact. How many do you think are making that disclosure? We haven`t seen it yet. Can you recommend a lawyer to my spouse? The answer to this question should be no. Even a well-meaning lawyer should avoid making recommendations about which lawyer should represent the other spouse. It is simply too easy to give the appearance of inadequacy in these scenarios.

Set your expectations early so you feel comfortable and know what to expect. Make sure that if your contact information changes, tell your lawyer immediately instead of wondering why you don`t receive calls. If you`re looking for answers to questions about marital separation, you can ask your friends or family members if they can recommend someone. If you are not comfortable approaching the accountant you and your spouse were dealing with before the separation, you can always ask for a reference. .

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